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There's a cosmic magic to the moon

We’re getting woo-woo with the moon in today’s episode! This is our most requested topic so far and we're excited to get into it. Kaileen reviews the different moon phases and Jordan shares her favorite moon rituals. We give lots of resources and some basic tips if you're just learning how to work with the moon.


There are 8 phases to the moon, with roughly 28 days for a full cycle which aligns with the female menstrual cycle.

The energy of the phases alternate between a yang/action energy and a yin/restful energy. The moon cycle represents nature’s ebb and flow and is also mirrored by the seasons.

  • New Moon (yang): when the moon is dark in the sky, the beginning of the cycle, set intentions, menstrual, winter

  • Crescent Moon (yin): some light in sky, relax into your intention

  • First Quarter Moon (yang): half-way illuminated, take action to support intention, follicular, spring

  • Gibbous Moon (yin): now waxing to full, but not yet, trust your intention is coming into form

  • Full Moon (yang): illumination, emotional climax, move ahead with intention, release, ovulation, summer

  • Disseminating Moon (yin): starting to fade again, feel gratitude about intention coming into form

  • Third Quarter Moon (yang): half-way illuminated again, receiving intention & give back from abundance, luteal, fall

  • Balsamic Moon (yin): moon is fading to dark, reflect with thanks, rest, restore

Our moon rituals and love of fresh starts

When the moon takes your breath away

The fluidity of moon cycles, the feminine energy of the moon, and the vastness of the universe

Let us know: what are your favorite moon rituals and what practices are planning to try after listening to this episode?

Show Notes

Moon Calendar app on iTunes

The Pathway with Lacy Phillips (use code REFERRAL20 for $20 off)

The Power Source by Lauren Roxburgh

Moon Bath

Moonology by Yasmin Boland

Jordan’s favorite decks by Kim Krans:

Gabby Bernstein's The Universe Has Your Back Deck

The Lively Show: How to Use Moon Cycles to Bring More Easeful Action in Life + Career with Dr. Ezzie Spencer

Kaileen's end of year project: Celebrate Cultivate

Do Less by Kate Northrup

Lunar Abundance by Dr. Ezzie Spencer

Monday Magic Method by Abbi Miller

Children’s book with folktales: Book of the Moon by Laura Cowan

Article on Flo Living: White Moon Cycles, Red Moon Cycles

Naturals Cycles for fertility tracking

Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot on YouTube

The Moon Journal - she also has a new book out called Muse with the Moon by Jo Cauldrick

Spirit Daughter's Attune to the Moon workbooks


The Moon Calendar app and Moonology book were not created by the same person.

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