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Beauty Woo, Part Two

We are back for Beauty Woo, Part Two! When our first beauty episode aired, our conversation was about the history, philosophy, and vibes of beauty. Today is all about our makeup and skincare faves! Kaileen shares her desire for ease in all things and Jordan gives a rundown of her weekly routine. We talk about how lipstick saves lives and what we do about facial hair. We get into our rituals, the woo products we love, and what we're still seeking when it comes to beauty.

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Journey Through the Chakras

We are taking a journey through the chakras in today's episode. Our conversation covers topics from food and crystals to aura portraits and Ayurveda. We chat about the ancient, universal wisdom in the chakra system... and we ask ourselves how it overlaps with newer systems like Human Design and Enneagram? Do you have a chakra that needs a little more love? Listen in to find out!

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The Woo of Sleep

We’ve been talking about how we should do an episode on sleep… and today is the day. We ask, what is sleep? What would happen if we thought of it as a spiritual practice or an act of self care? We share about our relationships with sleep before and after becoming mothers. We talk about supplements and substances, plus we share our routines and rituals for better sleep.

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When We Read Fiction

We've been reading too many self-help books, so we're excited about today's conversation. Fiction is super woo woo if you think about it! What else gives us access to other places, eras, creatures, and magical lands? We are chatting all about our favorite fiction books. Jordan and Kaileen each reveal a few scandalous personal stories related to reading... which was an unexpected plot twist for us!

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All the Autumn Vibes

We dive into this episode with a very serious question: do you enjoy pumpkin spice lattes? Join us for a festive discussion about our fall favorites! We chat about all the autumn vibes, from food and fashion to books and shows, and what's on our fall bucket lists.

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Moon Woo

We’re getting woo-woo with the moon in today’s episode! This is our most requested topic so far and we're excited to get into it. Kaileen reviews the different moon phases and Jordan shares her favorite moon rituals. We give lots of resources and some basic tips if you're just learning how to work with the moon.

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Our Woo Favorites

We are sharing a bunch of inspiration and resources in today's episode! We cover all our woo favorites from books and apps to products, people, and practices. No matter if you're just getting into the world of spirituality and personal growth... or you've been into crystals, high vibes, and moon journaling for years, we hope you enjoy this conversation and find new woo things to explore!

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The Woo of You

We are diving into the woo-woo world of personality typing systems like astrology, human design, and enneagram. Kaileen shares how she uses these things for self-reflection and Jordan talks about how she loves to cosmically profile people. We talk about connecting to our shadow sides and reflect on how we feel about reparenting.

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Things Have Vibes

Today’s conversation is about minimalism, stuff that sparks joy, and the vibes of our things. Jordan shares about her practice of keeping a Commonplace Book and her idea for a slow / low buy year. Kaileen talks about how postpartum anxiety played a role in her desire to get rid of everything in her house and the three things she would do if she had more room in her life. We chat about our love for Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and we wonder if our shopping habits are serving us.

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Beauty Woo

In today’s episode, we talk about the history, philosophy, and vibes of beauty. We get into current trends like green beauty and the curly girl method. Jordan shares her beauty favorites. Kaileen aspires for that easy, effortless look. We talk through our hair journeys and decide there’s still room to grow.

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Time and Money Abundance

Why does everyone talk about how busy or broke they are? But also, why do some people seem like they’re doing and having it all? In today’s episode we get into time and money abundance. Jordan shares her thoughts on “being busy” and what she’s learned from reading lots of books on money. Kaileen gets into the magic of time and her relationship with money since leaving her corporate career.

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The Woo of Food

We are nervous to talk about food, but we're doing it anyway. In today's conversation, we get into our food journeys and where we are today with intuitive eating. Jordan reveals her love for pizza and supplements. Kaileen shares her struggle with mindfulness and eating. Talking it out helps us both see the woo of food more clearly.

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